David R. Gray, Jr. Offers Chicago Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors


David r gray jr chicagoThere is so much to do and see in Chicago that it is very likely that even the most seasoned of travelers will find it overwhelming to set and then adhere to an itinerary that ensures a wholly enjoyable visit to the Illinois city. David R. Gray, Jr., an attorney and real estate investor who has lived and worked in the city for his entire life, offered a bit of his expertise on the subject and provided some advice he feels is particularly ideal for first-time visitors to the area.

There are two activities Gray recommends for the daytime in Chicago that hold a great deal of appeal to residents of the city and represent longstanding Chicago traditions that simply must be experienced. The first is a visit to a day game at Wrigley Field, home of the city’s beloved and often quite hapless Cubs. The field’s history and the unique atmosphere of a day game at Wrigley is something that will nonetheless hold a great deal of appeal to even those with no particular interest in baseball.

While Chicago is known for a wide range of unique culinary options, it is essentially a prerequisite that any first-time visitor experience an authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza at the pizzeria in which it was first made available to residents. While these activities are simple and straightforward, they represent a solid daytime foundation for any first-time visitor to begin with. As for the nightlife, Gray recommends making friends with a local, noting that the friendly confines of Wrigley Field is always a great place to find Chicagoans willing to show visitors the city they love so dearly.


More Traveling! Michele Lynn Frazier Won’t Be Stopped!’

Hi guys! The plan is that we are going to keep traveling for at least another 10 more days! Yay! I love going from place to place and sharing my adventures with everyone and meeting new people. I should start a series, yes? I’ll call it, “The Wondrous Travel Adventures of Michele Lynn Frazier.”

We have been from Nebraska and just about all over the East coast and down South. Maybe if we travel North it will add more flavor to our traveling adventures, as if we need anymore, right? Oh I’m excited!

I Do Not Appreciate Looking Like A Lobster!

Sunburn! Sunburn is not what Michele Lynn Frazier is about! I absolutely hate sunburn with a passion and that’s right, I have been burned. It’s so embarrassing and now I have to walk in public like this. I suppose the positive side is that this is Miami, Florida where just about everyone is sunburned. People here wear sunburn naturally as if like a mosquito bite.

I know I can’t go home like this. No one is sunburned there so I know I’d stick out like a sore thumb! I’m not sure what the plan is now because this sunburn changes everything. We will either stay here a few more days or keep traveling. Stay tuned!

Rebecca-Davis-Michele-Frazier rebecca-diaz-Michele-Frazier

Michele Lynn Frazier In The Miami House Y’all!

Michele in the house! Frazier in the house! We are in Miami where the party doesn’t stop…seriously. I’ve been dancing and meeting new people for the past 12 hours and I know I’m exhausted, but so much adrenaline is keeping me awake! Tomorrow’s plan is to go to Miami beach and the rumors I’ve heard make this beach sound so heavenly. We will see! Good night!

Rebecca-and-Leah-Plante-Michele-Frazier Rebecca-Bossen-Michele-Frazier

Finally In Florida—The Sunshine State!

Finally made it to Florida and my husband hasn’t been of much use through the roadside drama we’ve had. I don’t think his father actually taught him how to change a tire. Poor guy, but I still love him. We made it safe and sound and we are just now passing through Jacksonville. I remember this place! Jacksonville, Florida has history if I’m not mistaken. The real goal is to get down to Miami!

Rebecca_Pober_Michele-Frazier Rebecca1

Another Flat Tire?!

Another flat tire. Isn’t this just my luck? I suppose with as much riding around as I’m doing this is expected to happen eventually, right? Well, I accept my punishment, but it’s time to get on the road! Surely there is some kind southern gentleman who will save me in my distress. Any takers? Everyone seems to be driving by pretty quickly. I know if my friends from Louisiana were here, they’d help me.

Rebecca-2012-Shot-Bigger-Michele-Frazier-for-bio-page Rebecca-Barbera-Michele-Frazier

Enough of the Atlanta Traffic, I’m Going To Florida!

I’ve had enough with Atlanta so it’s time to hit the road! Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome place with so much to do and places to go. The traffic is just absolutely unbearable for my preference. It’s been a fun adventure and I am starting to miss home and friends I have there. Maybe I should go back? I’ll think about it on my drive to Florida! I have big plans for Florida because I haven’t been there since I was just a kid, but I’m ready for a reunion!