Applying Jared Londry’s Sales Principles While Traveling in the Carolinas

jared londry commerical real estate businessIt’s not all that often that a travel blogger finds applicable advice from the commercial real estate brokerage industry, but there are always circumstances in which the principles that guide someone in one specific endeavor wind up being useful on a universal basis. Such was the case with the principles espoused by Jared Londry in several articles detailing his involvement as a representative of the sellers in a number of commercial real estate transactions, and it turned out that several of these principles were quite valuable when applied during a hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail.

After learning about the availability of a SouthPark property and the $39.5-million sale of several Fort Mill office buildings, Londry’s involvement in so many high-value commercial property transactions underscored the true value of land that is ideally suited for a specific purpose. Obviously, the commercial real estate properties in which Londry represented the sellers were exceptional properties for very specific commercial purposes, which helps to illustrate how valuable the land that makes up the whole of the Appalachian Trail is with regard to hiking and backpacking.

It should be plainly evident that for a commercial real estate sale to yield such an impressive figure an outstanding broker has to be principally involved, in much the same way any extended trip along the Appalachian Trail will be a far better experience when a skilled backpacker who is familiar with the area is a part of the traveling group. So while comparing the Appalachian Trail to commercial real estate seems inherently difficult, it is also clear that there are some striking similarities that can benefit a traveler capable of recognizing those subtle characteristics that many others would not readily notice.