David R. Gray, Jr. Offers Chicago Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors


David r gray jr chicagoThere is so much to do and see in Chicago that it is very likely that even the most seasoned of travelers will find it overwhelming to set and then adhere to an itinerary that ensures a wholly enjoyable visit to the Illinois city. David R. Gray, Jr., an attorney and real estate investor who has lived and worked in the city for his entire life, offered a bit of his expertise on the subject and provided some advice he feels is particularly ideal for first-time visitors to the area.

There are two activities Gray recommends for the daytime in Chicago that hold a great deal of appeal to residents of the city and represent longstanding Chicago traditions that simply must be experienced. The first is a visit to a day game at Wrigley Field, home of the city’s beloved and often quite hapless Cubs. The field’s history and the unique atmosphere of a day game at Wrigley is something that will nonetheless hold a great deal of appeal to even those with no particular interest in baseball.

While Chicago is known for a wide range of unique culinary options, it is essentially a prerequisite that any first-time visitor experience an authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza at the pizzeria in which it was first made available to residents. While these activities are simple and straightforward, they represent a solid daytime foundation for any first-time visitor to begin with. As for the nightlife, Gray recommends making friends with a local, noting that the friendly confines of Wrigley Field is always a great place to find Chicagoans willing to show visitors the city they love so dearly.