Michele Frazier: How Traveling Has Changed My Life

20141101-Megan-Trpeski-MicheleFraziers-untitled-0031-EditThrough the many traveling adventures I’ve gone on and the many different people, cultures and parts of the world I have seen, I am fully convinced that traveling changes your perspective of life. Traveling has challenged me and everything I thought I knew when I lived under the security of my family and friends back at home.

All we really know about life and how the world works is what we see from our own perspective based on where we were raised and where we live. Coming from a small town, I never realized how uneducated I was about the world and the way life in a big city operates until I moved from my small town fresh after college.

The world around us is vast and yet has much to teach us if we are willing to listen to the lessons. Being around different people and different cultures will stretch you and make you wiser. Although the end result is great, amid the process isn’t. There are times when I would say to myself, “Michele Frazier, what do have you gotten yourself into this time?” because stretching yourself and your comfort zone hurts.

Despite all this, traveling to different parts of the world and witnessing other ways of life has changed my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Ian Andrews Leaf: Our First Golfing Trip To Scotland

The Doors of Shandon is holding a group yard sale on Saturday from seven a.m. right up until noon at 600 Woodrow Road. There promises to something Ian Andrews Leaf for every person.

The plan kicks off with the meal at 12:30 p.m. The meat dish will be provided by Higher Wabash Interpretive Providers (UWIS). Seniors must deliver a dish to go, their own desk service and $1 donation to assist defray the cost of the provided meat dish.

His father’s status gave an exclusive character to his activities in university. The other little ones realized about Tony and gave Vincent proper respect. “I couldn’t get in a fight if I experimented with,” he claims. And his girlfriends didn’t dare cheat on him. Occasionally Tony introduced celebs, such as actor Robert Conrad, to his son’s baseball game titles, making the boy a superstar in his very own proper. A handful of academics even asked Vincent if he would get Tony’s autograph for them.

The New Course was manufactured in 1895 and retains its title these days even even though it is now above a hundred a long time old. There are seven courses total, six of which the general public can perform. The Castle Program is the seventh training course and sits on a cliff line overlooking the city of St. Ian Andrews Leaf and has been opened considering that 2008.

Bryan Lane: Lane, a 6-four, 210-pound freshman outside the house linebacker, is from Christian Brothers High in Sacramento. Sacramento Point out also provided him a scholarship.

Comedienne Niecy Nash and companion Louie van Amstel hit the Dancing with the Stars ballroom ground following with a foxtrot. The pair endured communication troubles throughout rehearsals, with Niecy insisting “I can provide the drama and romance to the dance”.

Muirfield; Gullane, Scotland – This golf system is one particular of the oldest in the entire world and supplies challenge for golfers of all expertise levels. It has played host to many different tournaments and championships more than the many years and stays a Ian Andrews Leaf single of the most sought out outings for golfers.

All 7 junior school transfers (Horton, Houk and McNeal will be sophomores in 2011 and have a few several years of eligibility still left) could see comprehensive playing time up coming 12 months.

So Tony, did that answer your concern? “Rosemary’s granddaughter” is Jessica Andrews; a very experienced, spirited and talented younger lady who just scored her first her very first quantity a single hit and a has an album crammed with likely for far more.that’s who she is. Look Ian Andrews Leaf out Nashville!

David R. Gray, Jr. Offers Chicago Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors


David r gray jr chicagoThere is so much to do and see in Chicago that it is very likely that even the most seasoned of travelers will find it overwhelming to set and then adhere to an itinerary that ensures a wholly enjoyable visit to the Illinois city. David R. Gray, Jr., an attorney and real estate investor who has lived and worked in the city for his entire life, offered a bit of his expertise on the subject and provided some advice he feels is particularly ideal for first-time visitors to the area.

There are two activities Gray recommends for the daytime in Chicago that hold a great deal of appeal to residents of the city and represent longstanding Chicago traditions that simply must be experienced. The first is a visit to a day game at Wrigley Field, home of the city’s beloved and often quite hapless Cubs. The field’s history and the unique atmosphere of a day game at Wrigley is something that will nonetheless hold a great deal of appeal to even those with no particular interest in baseball.

While Chicago is known for a wide range of unique culinary options, it is essentially a prerequisite that any first-time visitor experience an authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza at the pizzeria in which it was first made available to residents. While these activities are simple and straightforward, they represent a solid daytime foundation for any first-time visitor to begin with. As for the nightlife, Gray recommends making friends with a local, noting that the friendly confines of Wrigley Field is always a great place to find Chicagoans willing to show visitors the city they love so dearly.

Applying Jared Londry’s Sales Principles While Traveling in the Carolinas

jared londry commerical real estate businessIt’s not all that often that a travel blogger finds applicable advice from the commercial real estate brokerage industry, but there are always circumstances in which the principles that guide someone in one specific endeavor wind up being useful on a universal basis. Such was the case with the principles espoused by Jared Londry in several articles detailing his involvement as a representative of the sellers in a number of commercial real estate transactions, and it turned out that several of these principles were quite valuable when applied during a hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail.

After learning about the availability of a SouthPark property and the $39.5-million sale of several Fort Mill office buildings, Londry’s involvement in so many high-value commercial property transactions underscored the true value of land that is ideally suited for a specific purpose. Obviously, the commercial real estate properties in which Londry represented the sellers were exceptional properties for very specific commercial purposes, which helps to illustrate how valuable the land that makes up the whole of the Appalachian Trail is with regard to hiking and backpacking.

It should be plainly evident that for a commercial real estate sale to yield such an impressive figure an outstanding broker has to be principally involved, in much the same way any extended trip along the Appalachian Trail will be a far better experience when a skilled backpacker who is familiar with the area is a part of the traveling group. So while comparing the Appalachian Trail to commercial real estate seems inherently difficult, it is also clear that there are some striking similarities that can benefit a traveler capable of recognizing those subtle characteristics that many others would not readily notice.

Travel Goals for 2016

297a_Jessica%20MicheleFrazierWith 2015 behind us along with so many of the amazing people I have met in other states, I have been thinking what I want to accomplish with this brand new year. When I began my journey with the goal to travel to every state in the U.S., I didn’t allow myself enough time. In other words, I got started late.

Since last year, I have traveled to Florida, New Orleans (I wonder what happened to the Old Orleans), South Carolina, Georgia, New York (Old York?),  Alabama and many other wonderful states and cities and people I have met within them.

My new goals for 2016 are to travel along the west side of the Country. I want to visit places I’ve always had questions about and answer those questions for myself. For example, how much rain does Oregon and Washington get? Which state gets the most rain? I’m taking the advice of Arturo Alvarez Demalde who once said, “It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” or at least that’s the first I have heard those words. They make sense.

This new year is full of promises, but while I come up with places I want to visit, I’m currently on the way back home to Nebraska. In order to prepare for another long journey, this time to the west, I have to make a visit to my home base to load up on supplies. I hope you are ready to follow along with these adventures as I travel.

At dawn, we ride!

A Few Simple Lessons Learned While Backpacking in Australia

13Tennis_Jessica_DulzI have always considered myself somewhat “outdoorsy,” but I never really had the opportunity to take an extended trip in which most nights were spent sleeping in a tent or under nothing more than the empty sky. I decided that a trip to Australia’s East Coast would be an ideal place to make an honest attempt at a relatively lengthy backpacking trip, and I am happy to report that I learned so much during my travels and am already looking forward to my next backpacking trip.

On my second day in Australia, I began walking a trail that I would follow for the majority of the coastal route I had outlined. I met a lot of wonderful characters along the way, including a runner named Stuart Lyall who helped me gather up my things after I tipped over from the unevenly distributed weight in my pack. I also met a few other backpackers who joined me for long stretches of the trip and were incredibly kind in sharing so many interesting stories to help pass the time.

I spent a total of 20 days on the trail without giving in to the temptation to wander off and find a hotel for the night. Even during a rare downpour I felt so grateful for the opportunity to experience nature in this way, and I urge anyone who has ever considered a backpacking trip to start making plans today! It doesn’t have to be some far-off land like Australia to be an enjoyable or thrilling experience, as a number of the Australians I met during my trip had just as much fun while walking the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail.