Home Sick? What is Home Sick?

We have been gone from home for about a month. This is crazy! Time had really flown and it just reminds us why we are taking this epic adventure. It’s because life is here and gone in a flash, you blink and it’s gone. Rather than staying home, my husband and I decided to take to the road to experience life and the world as it was given to us.

Although traveling is so much fun, we are starting to miss our home Nebraska as well as our friends and family. The plan is to probably go home for a little while and take care of chores. I’m sure the gross is most definitely beyond our knees now. We still want to travel. Next we are going West!


Too Much Food! I Never Thought It Were Possible.

Guys and girls, if you haven’t been to NYC then you must seriously go! This place is filled with everything! I know I say that about other places, but this is the real deal. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat at every establishment like I had planned. One of the friend I have met while being here has told me that there are so many places to eat in NYC that you could eat at a different place every day for the rest of your life and still not have eaten everywhere in the city. That is unreal to fathom!

NYC, Ready or Not Here I Come!

We are close! We are so stinkin’ close we can smell the pollution from this massive bridge and we can see the line of tall skyscrapers and corporate buildings. It’s really a beautiful sight, especially when the morning sun hits those buildings and clouds just right.

One thing I want to do is go shopping in every store and eat from every famous restaurant. I’m not sure how realistic it is, but it is definitely on my to-do list. We shall see how much we accomplish in the coming days!  

On The Way To New York, But Why?

This trip is going to be longer than I thought. Yeah, we could have made it in one day, but we decided to just enjoy the journey and kind of stretch it out a bit. We skipped a lot of states on purpose such as Maryland, for obvious reasons, as well as Massachusetts, again for obvious reasons, and perhaps a few more.

New York was the obvious answer for me as the next place to visit because I love history, I love meeting lots of people and what is the one place that has all that? New York City!  

Virginia Virginia Here We Are at Last!

Virginia has been good so far. It’s noticeably much chillier up here around this time of year. It’s not even lunch time yet and I’m already craving one of those burgers and some of those fries again from yesterday’s pit stop.

Try to stay focused Michele Frazier! We have things to explore, ground to cover, people to meet and friends to make. The world is out there just waiting for us and I’m glad I get to take you guys along for the journey!

Michele Lynn Frazier Loves Fast Food!

Have you ever been traveling and stopped off at a random “hole-in-the-wall” joint and discovered they have the best burgers and fries you’ve ever had in your life?! We are here now about 1 hour from Virginia and we just had to get something to eat.

Either this is the best fast food I’ve ever had or I am seriously hungry! If the weather and traffic cooperate, we should only be arriving within an hour. Just as soon as I tear myself away from this amazing food. 

More Traveling! Michele Lynn Frazier Won’t Be Stopped!’

Hi guys! The plan is that we are going to keep traveling for at least another 10 more days! Yay! I love going from place to place and sharing my adventures with everyone and meeting new people. I should start a series, yes? I’ll call it, “The Wondrous Travel Adventures of Michele Lynn Frazier.”

We have been from Nebraska and just about all over the East coast and down South. Maybe if we travel North it will add more flavor to our traveling adventures, as if we need anymore, right? Oh I’m excited!