Marlon Kobacker: Sustainability in the Air Travel Industry

Marlon-Kobacker-672There are many things the so-called developed world takes for granted, especially when it comes to the manner in which long distances are travelled for the purpose of recreation. Taking a long-distance flight is not exactly the most environmentally responsible habit, as the carbon emissions generated by the air travel industry have consistently increased over the years and the industry remains poised to contribute an even greater degree of carbon emissions in the future. According to Marlon Kobacker, there are indications that this industry is beginning to recognize the need for change, and there are certainly plenty of methods available to travelers seeking to minimize their own carbon footprint.

In response to legislation out of the European Union, several airlines have taken steps to reduce carbon emissions by opting for alternative fuel options. JetBlue, for example, has begun using a type of jet fuel that is partially composed of biofuel, thereby reducing the airline’s carbon emissions and providing travelers with a more environmentally responsible option. Additional strategies and changes are certainly still necessary, but travelers have the opportunity to push other airlines to do the same in short order, particularly if it becomes clear that consumers are making a conscious decision to choose airlines that utilize biofuel, or choose to focus on sustainability in any number of other ways.

It’s also worth noting that the focus on sustainability should extend throughout the entirety of the trip, as there are a number of critical strategies that can help encourage all aspects of the travel and tourism industry to take greater strides to achieve sustainability. Carbon-neutral accommodations are a great start, and getting around the destination by foot or bicycle would certainly be preferable to any of the other options that are known for contributing to the emission of carbon.


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