A Few Simple Lessons Learned While Backpacking in Australia

13Tennis_Jessica_DulzI have always considered myself somewhat “outdoorsy,” but I never really had the opportunity to take an extended trip in which most nights were spent sleeping in a tent or under nothing more than the empty sky. I decided that a trip to Australia’s East Coast would be an ideal place to make an honest attempt at a relatively lengthy backpacking trip, and I am happy to report that I learned so much during my travels and am already looking forward to my next backpacking trip.

On my second day in Australia, I began walking a trail that I would follow for the majority of the coastal route I had outlined. I met a lot of wonderful characters along the way, including a runner named Stuart Lyall who helped me gather up my things after I tipped over from the unevenly distributed weight in my pack. I also met a few other backpackers who joined me for long stretches of the trip and were incredibly kind in sharing so many interesting stories to help pass the time.

I spent a total of 20 days on the trail without giving in to the temptation to wander off and find a hotel for the night. Even during a rare downpour I felt so grateful for the opportunity to experience nature in this way, and I urge anyone who has ever considered a backpacking trip to start making plans today! It doesn’t have to be some far-off land like Australia to be an enjoyable or thrilling experience, as a number of the Australians I met during my trip had just as much fun while walking the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail.


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