Michele Frazier Being a Teacher

Let’s place a quick game, shall we? I never stop doing homework. I am responsible for the advancement of lives, particularly in young ones. I have early mornings and long nights. I have roughly 14 children. What am I? I am a teacher and I love it!

I have been a teacher for as long as a remember, but more specifically it was around 10 years ago when I signed, “Michele Frazier” on the line to confirm my oath to serve my community in one of the biggest ways possible—being a teacher to many innocent young. I’ll need to eventually bring my roadtrips to a close soon because I’m missing my students. I’m taking advantage of this time off.

Being a teacher is one of those things you don’t just learn, you have to have it. Of course, you still have to go to school for it and I can promise you that passion to be a teacher will triumph over talent to be a teacher every time. The one who has the passion and the desire to see their goal through will succeed.


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