More About Me, Michele Lynn Frazier

It sure has been while since I’ve done one of these “about me” posts, so I figured I would. Well, one thing I hate doing is going to waiting rooms. You know, the waiting room when you make an appointment with the doctor? Yeah, I hate waiting rooms. I get the feeling everyone in there is sick and it’s a waiting room full of viruses and ickyness. Maybe that’s why it’s called a waiting room because you are just sitting there waiting to catch something of what someone else has.

I always fall asleep in the waiting room. When the doctor is ready to see me, my name has to be called more than once until I wake up. Sometimes they go as far as to announce my entire name on an intercom, “We are ready for you Michele Lynn Frazier.” Is that really necessary? I didn’t even know doctors offices had intercoms. I can’t help but to give them a glare when they do that. I think they do it for fun too.

On the positive side, I better get all this checkup stuff finished with since I’ve been traveling so much.


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