Why Michele Lynn Frazier Loves to Drive

I don’t believe I have taken an approach to give more information about myself, so I will do that now. My name is Michele Lynn Frazier. I was born in Nebraska on a hot Summer day in July but I actually hate Summer. I love to travel and as mentioned I am traveling to different places. I’m actually in transit right now! That reminds me of a little tip to share.

If you don’t like your full name being called because you know you’re in trouble, try not to drive while typing in WordPress! I did and my husband shouted out, “Michele Lynn Frazier! Get those hands back on the wheel and pay attention!”

Who thought of such an invention to allow you to type away behind the wheel anyway? It’s basically a temptation that is calling to me saying, “Michele Lynn Frazier, you know you want to update your blog and your followers right at this moment.” Is there a disclaimer on this thing? Either way, this gizmo has made it more fun to drive and now I love driving. Watch out!


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